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As always my friends at Grimworks continue to amaze me with their work. This is a custom weapon I asked them to help bring to life and they did just that! They took a rough sketch I made and they improved it and made the model from scratch. They have such an attention to detail. I said it before and I’ll say it again, Grimworks is the best and they do incredible work. If you need something made, ask them! Thanks again guys!!!! ❤️😍👍

Alex Dillman

Best friend
I love this shop. My friends worked with them for their cosplays and the props were amazing, so I wanted to work with them too for my Ashe cosplay!
The vendor is really nice, friendly and accommodating.
Package was shipped really fast (on Christmas Day!!) and I received it 4 days later. I surely will work with them again!
I cannot thank you enough, your work is amazing, keep going!

Julie De Baillon

Everything about this turned out way better than expected. Above and beyond! The paint is crazy well done. They sanded, painted, and wrapped it with great detail. The only draw back is it's slightly on the fragile side. Otherwise it's a great prop for the cosplay!

Francisco Benavides

I could go on for the next 3 years to tell you how awesome this keyblade is but I'll cut it in half. Owner is so nice and helpful, he even sent messages on how to assemble it after I thought I had a missing piece. It literally makes me so happy I love it so much

Anna Adger